Cambia Information Group: A long-term partnership

If you need market research done properly, then you need Cambia Information Group. They are experts in the domain, ready to help any company enhance their brand value.

When we first started working with Cambia, they were engaged with a Fortune 500 company whose name you would instantly recognize (sadly, due to an NDA, we can't specifically name the company). Their client had concerns about how their brand was perceived and thus was spending money to try and improve that image. They turned to Cambia to measure the impact of the money they were spending. Cambia knew exactly how to measure the impact of their client's advertising dollars, but they needed a way to present their findings to their client.

At this point an engineer would be tempted to spec out a new system that would indeed meet Cambia's requirements. But Cambia didn't need a new system-- they already had significant infrastructure in place. In fact, many of the people who would be viewing the research Cambia was conducting were already users of Cambia's other services. This presented an opportunity for us to get Cambia's deliverables to their client faster, for a lower cost, and for less impact on their users.

We leveraged their existing legacy systems and user information, building only enough new software to impress their client. Sure, there were bells and whistles where needed, but our focus wasn't on showing off everything we could do. Our focus making sure Cambia looked good to their client, and in delivering multiples of ROI on their investment in our services. And we did just that.

Karlan Witt, one of the founders of Cambia Information Group, had this to say about our work together: "We were so pleased with Such Software's work. We saw progress each day which really eased our minds. They took a source of worry and turned it into a source of revenue. We care about keeping our clients happy, and Such Software made that possible for us."

This was just the first time our two businesses collaborated. We've since worked with Cambia on code rescue projects and even helped them bridge the gap between the departure of their technical leadership and the recruitment of new leaders.

If you need to know how your brand is received and how to improve its perception, you can't beat Cambia. If you need expertise and reliability to get serious ROI on your software investment, you can't beat Such Software.