DealRadar: Re-establishing a brand

When we met Jorge Zapata, DealRadar's founder and CEO, he was looking for the right development team to bring DealRadar back into action. DearRadar had recently beed split off from Local Offer Network, and it was still a recognizable brand delivering value to its customers.

And it was still a business with a lot of room to grow, something that really mattered to Jorge.

Jorge seemed pleased with our work. "Right from the start, Such Software impressed us by clearly understanding our immediate needs, and anticipated growth trajectory," he said. "They architected a scalable software solution for us within time, budget and with quality. And by quality, we mean exceptional quality! Having a quality system running allows us to focus on growing our business. Thanks to Such Software, we are focused on growing the business, and not keeping it alive."

DealRadar's business aggregates deal feeds from several different providers, and presents them to users based on their location. The system we built pulls in those feeds and sends emails out to thousands of users looking to save money.

When the project started, there were only a few feeds to, well, feed from. But it was clear that DealRadar was going to add more, and it was also clear that we needed make it possible for DealRadar to add new ones without having to contact us. And that's the system we built. Adding new providers doesn't require engaging the engineering team. Sure, billable hours are nice, but they aren't a measure of success to us. Customer value is.

We built this system using Ruby on Rails, something Jorge wanted to learn too, and we were happy to help with that as well, because training is something we do well.

So head over to DealRadar and get the best deals in your area. And when you're ready to build or scale your own software-based business, let's talk.

We'll leave you with a few more parting words from Jorge: "Such Software surpassed our expectations, and we look forward to a successful relationship with them."