Unleash your inner game developer

Have you ever wanted to make video games and tell your story? Were you held back because you didn’t know how to code? That is the very problem that GameSalad solves, but we helped it go further.

Are you also not good at art? We built GameSalad a marketplace for selling visual and audio assets as well as full-blown game templates to help developers get started on their projects. The result? Double digit percentages of the company’s revenue.

GameSalad needed to know who was playing their games and what engine features were being used to help inform better decisions in the engine’s future development. We stood up an analytics collection system whose volume blew away anyone’s expectations. Written in Node.js, a perfect technology for the job, that collector has remained standing for years enabling just the sort of intelligent decision making the company’s leadership was looking for.

Most recently we helped GameSalad get a tool out to their 3rd party sellers involved in educational outreach. This project has multiplied the efforts of GameSalad’s internal staff, using technology to speed up and scale out sales efforts.

Are you ready to see how you can get similar multiplicative results in your business? Drop us a line, and let’s see how we can work together.