Get production-ready with Node.js

Node.js is one of the most exciting technologies to come out in years. We love it, and we think there’s a good chance it could make your technology investment produce more with less. We’ve written a lot of projects in Node, and they tend to server more with fewer resources and require less maintenance.

That said, when we got started with Node, there weren’t a lot of good resources for learning it! We spent countless hours researching how to get started with Node and how to get projects out the door. We wanted to save others those hours, so we built Learn All The Nodes.

A lot of learning websites present a series of disjoint episodes that will show off on particular aspect of a technology, but don’t convey how one would integrate that technology in a larger effort. We appreciate the isolation when learning a new concept, but in the real world we ship products. You need to know how to integrate the various pieces into a productive whole.

That is the approach we take in Learn All The Nodes. We’ll show you each aspect on its own, but then we show you how to put that into an actual project. If you’re a developer looking to level up your skills and make more meaningful contributions where you work, then this series is for you. If you’re toying around with a product idea and wonder how you can take advantage of Node to get your idea to production, then this series is for you.

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what one view, Eamonn Brophy, had to say about it, "I've gone from feeling like I didn't know enough and was swimming way over my head to feeling confident about a lot of fundamentals in Node/Express.”

If you manage a team of developers, and you’d rather have them spend their time building your business as opposed to poking around on the internet, then this series is for you. Go check it out!.