ReelAgent: Getting across the finish line

This is a story of how ReelAgent, Tangled Path, and Such Software saved the launch of an important product.

ReelAgent is the best way for real estate agents to manage their referral networks and discover agents they would trust. It's an innovative platform in which agents can post profiles of themselves with videos describing why they're the best agent to receive referrals in a geographic region. The entire referral agreement can be managed through the site, meaning that one of the most lucrative aspects of an agent's business is that much easier to manage. It's the place where serious agents go to increase their reach and revenue.

But it wasn't always.

ReelAgent's founder is Steven Senter, a successful real estate agent turned software entrepreneur. We met Steven at a Ruby user group meeting where our founder, Ethan Garofolo, was presenting on using neural networks in Ruby. After a brief chat we learned he had a prototype and was looking for some competent help getting ReelAgent across the finish line.

With our partners at Tangled Path we started diving into Steven's prototype only to discover that a previous firm had delivered a non-functional tangle of code. Dealing with the reality of the situation, we worked with Steven to extract the core of the experience his users would be looking for, paring away the half-completed and unrelated features started by the previous development team.

We reduced future development costs by removing broken systems, thus reducing the complexity of ReelAgent. Where there was a mishmash of half-baked effort, we delivered the core user experience of starting a referral agreement with another agent, negotiating terms, communicating back and forth, and getting the agreements locked in place. We cleaned up the visual experience inside the app.

We also identified a critical data security issue the previous firm had left behind. If there's something we enjoy at Such Software, it's working on payment systems, and we protected ReelAgent from significant exposure due to PCI-non-compliance. ReelAgent's customers are able to pay for the great service the site provides, and ReelAgent doesn't have to worry about exposing the credit card data of its customers because of our trained eyes.

"From the moment that we met Such Software it was clear that this shop knew what it was talking about," Steven said. " My site couldn’t take payments from customers-- a rather important issue for a business. Thanks to Such Software, I now have a shipped product that’s changing the way real estate agents do business."

ReelAgent launched and referrals are flowing between agents with ease unknown in the industry. Millions of dollars of deals have already moved via agreements made on ReelAgent.

Even more important to us is what ReelAgent's work signifies. The deals that pass through the site represent families finding homes. That we got to be a part of making that easier for agents and their customers, as well as delivering success for ReelAgent, is an honor for us.